Emily 18 gallery (french maid teen costume)

Hello all!

today I’m gonna blog a very hot Emily18 photo gallery, with her dressed as a French maid teen. On a side note, I must say I wouldn’t mind having Emily as my personal french maid. I would have simple but strict rules:

– if I’m behind her, she should pick up stuff and clean the floor only by leaning forward:

naughty french maid costume
Emily18 dressed in a french maid costume

– if it’s summer or extremely hot in the house (and I’ll make sure it is ) she must get her french maid costume down, or, at least down her breasts.

french maid whore
to see the full photo galley with Emily18 click on the pic

-if I’m in the mood, Emily shall obey all my orders, including (but not limited to :D ): stripping, fingering her fresh pussy, caressing her perky tits and playing with her body :)

french maid teen
click on this Emily18 photo to see the free gallery

Hm, it sounds pretty simple . I wonder what Emily18 would say about it!

6 thoughts on “Emily 18 gallery (french maid teen costume)

  1. babe you are not only gorgeous you have a beautifull butt, i love seen youre pics in pantys babe. i love you now and i will love you to my dying day

  2. Emily, you looks so gorgeous on every pictures. Every day I want to be with you. I’m intressted in you. Not beacuse of that you are an pornstar, Im intressted in you beacuse of that you look so beautiful, nice and kind. I would like to have a normal relationship with you one day.

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