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Emily tries on new shoes
Emily 18 bed: Gorgeous Emily is playing in her virgin bed dressed only in pink see trough panties. She is pushing her hand down to her pussy, feeling her wet and warm clitoris. Emily moans as she feels the orgasm approaching. Her body is arching and her fingers push even further, entering her moist vibrating pussy…

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I know Emily 18 vagina’s has been a secret for many years… We kept wondering how her pussy looks, if she has a big clitoris or pink pussy lips, trying to see her vagina through her transparent lingerie. But the waiting is over. Emily18 grew up and now she’s ready to show her beautiful vagina to the whole world! And what a sexy pussy she has – the waiting was worth it!

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red panties

red panties
Emily18 ass is so appetizing! You will want to bite it and lick it! The sweety is not very decided what she will wear today so she keeps on changing clothes and you are invited to watch her! Watch how sexy is the horny doll in her blue bra! She decides upon a sport costume which she takes off step by step. Take a look at emily18 ass in some very hot red panties and let your fantasies free! Is not hard to decide what the missy wants when she spread her legs and takes her red panties off!

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Emily18 2008 gallery

Emily18 2008 gallery
The shinny slutty babe has new sexy blue lingerie which she wants to show to you! So she offers you this photo session of emily18 pussy pics. Please don` t disappoint the cutie and tell her if you like how the thong fits on her round sexy butt! For a better view, in the Emily18 pussy pics she sits with her ass up in the air and you can see much more than her thong! Of course she can not resist to caress her pussy through the sexy thong! In short time the beauty is completely naked just for you!


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Emily18 tries on new shoes

Hey guys,

you know, I receive lots of fan mail and the majority of them ask for a “Emily 18 pussy pic“. It might surprise you, but although I have an adult website, I’m horny all the time, I love cock and fucking, I’m still a little embarrased to show everyone my love box, my favorite toy… my pussy!

Yet, because I appreciate you guys a lot, here’s a Emily 18 pussy pic! It’s not 100% naked but you can clearely see my pussy, my pubic hair and even my clitoris. Uhm, I’d love to feel your fingers inside my pussy and your fast tongue on my pink clit…


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I’m getting more daring day by day, I’m telling you! I remember how in the past I wasn’t even so attracted by a man’s body, but now, with age, I’m getting more and more aroused when seeing one! I think more about sex and cocks and I’m almost always ready for some full hours of fucking!

Rarely or barely at all you’ve seen my pussy. I won’t show it in this free Emily18 gallery, either – but you can finally take a grips of how it looks like. Check the second pic from my gallery and see that close-up photo of my see through panties. My clit is showing and I’m already bursting with pleasure thinking of how you’re gonna check it out…

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